Attention Families

We are looking for any family members who might be able to come in and help with some of our activities! We are looking for people to offer their time throughout the year with: Beading, Painting, Storytelling, & Powwow Dance, dress makers, preparation for our Aboriginal Day and any other traditional activities you would like to bring to our school. We also encourage parents and family members to just come and visit the school.  Your child's teacher would love for you to help out were they need it!  If you are interested or know someone who is, please call or come in.  We would love to have you here with us!

Hai, Hai


Peacemaker's at Centennial

The Peacemakers at Centennial are in full force and doing great! Our focus and goals are becoming great leaders of today and tomorrow through training in  conflict resolution, cooperation, positive communication, emotional skill building, and appreciating diversity!  We are excited as always to have students become our leaders of tomorrow by providing positive mentoring in our school at Centennial and in their communities!  I will periodically post updates on how the students are growing and showing photos of them hard at FUN!